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  JUST BEYOND THE VERY, VERY FAR NORTH a further story for gentle readers and listeners Written by Dan Bar-El Illustrated by Kelly Pousette Atheneum BYR; October 2020 978-1-5344-3344-1 264 Pages   Age 8—12 Genre:  Middle Grade Book, Fiction Themes: Friendships, Secrets, Forgiveness   Synopsis In the Very, Very Far North, Duane the polar bear and … [...]
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    Duck and Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers Written and Illustrated by Julia Woolf Peachtree Publishing—Sept. 2020 978-1-68263-201-7 32 Pages   Age 4—8 Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction Themes: Sleepovers, Friendships   Synopsis Duck and Penguin do not like sleepovers, despite what Betty and Maud might have you think. They do not like snuggly sleeping … [...]
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  MODERN ART EXPLORER Discover the Stories Behind Famous Artworks Written by Alice Harman Illustrations by Serge Bloch Photographs of Artworks by Centre Pompidou Thames & Hudson—Oct. 2020 978-0-500-65220-6 96 Pages   Age 7+ Genre:  Middle Grade Picture Book, Nonfiction, Art Themes: Modern Art and Artists   Synopsis BECOME a MODERN ART EXPLORER and DISCOVER … [...]
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    GOBBLEDY, A NOVEL Written by Lis Anna-Langston Illustrated by Rich Powell Spark Press—Oct. 2020 978-1-68463-067-7 226 Pages   Age 8—12 Genre:  Middle Grade Novel, Fiction Themes: Grief, Friendship, Family Relationships   Synopsis GOBBLEDY is a fun-filled holiday story that adds up to two brothers, three friends, unlimited jars of peanut butter, a ketchup factory, … [...]
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  FLIBBERTIGIBBETY WORDS: Young Shakespeare Chases Inspiration Written by author Donna Guthrie Illustrated by Åsa Gilland Page Street Kids;  Sept. 2020 978-1-64567-062-9 32 Pages   Age 4—8 Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Fiction Themes: William Shakespeare’s Words   Synopsis Can a young William Shakespeare capture the right words when inspiration strikes? One morning, William opens his window … [...]
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Do You Have a Hat?
Before I get to Perfect Picture Book Friday I’d like to tell you that Felicia and I have the latest episode of The Write Chat up! In this episode we hunt track down and interview award-winning author/illustrator MATT PHELAN! CLICK on over to –~Watch me make a fool of myself Witness the mayhem that occurs when Erik & Felicia forget to book their guest.~Find out what Mr. Phelan would do with Jeanne Birdsall’s shopping list.~Find out what the set rules are to make a graphic novel.~PLUS we have a fun quiz where you can win prizes. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of when our monthly Vlog goes live and stay up to date on our future guests.On the website you can submit your own questions to ask our upcoming guest. They include; New York Times award-winning author, Chris Grabenstein; Amazon best-selling author, Bart King; Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, author of the awesome new series The Guardian Herd, Tara Lazar author of The Monstore, mastermind and  head honcho of PiBoIdMo; and award-winning author/illustrator (and all around very cool guy) Tom Angleberger !WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? CLICK HERE – NO WAIT!!! First read my Perfect Picture Book Friday post – Susanna Leonard Hill [...]
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