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You may remember that recently I was hosting not one, but TWO giveaways! One is for this amazing Rick Riordan Prize Pack that I partnered with Disney Hyperion for: and the other for a set of Star Wars Workbooks! We have two fortunate winners! John Smith You have won the Rick Riordan packet! Congratulations! Jilanne Hoffmann You have won the Star Wars Workbooks! Congratulations! I will be emailing both of you for the address you want the books sent to! Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more amazing give aways! [...]
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This Story Is For You by Greg Pizzoli 48 pages – ages 5+ Published by Disney-Hyperion on April 3, 2018 Theme- Individuality, Friendship Genre- Realistic Fiction Opening and Synopsis- Opening Lines: “This story is for you. You and only you.“ Synopsis from Publisher: “A simple “It's nice to know you” holds so much power in this tender picturebook by acclaimed author-illustrator Greg Pizzoli. Finding value in others as a matter of course, the narrator accepts and appreciates difference as the foundation of a life-long friendship. This Story Is for You celebrates moments of kindness throughout, from the small to the grand in a heartwarming tale of human connection.“ What I Thought- This was such a sweet picture book, with soft illustrations and simple text that creates an endearing story. The story speaks to the reader. The narrator in the story (a little boy) hasn't met the reader yet, but he knows he will like you because of how unique you are. I like how the illustrations blur the lines of reality, sometimes showing the child's imagination and sometimes showing what is really going on. I think I am really drawn to this story because, to me, it is reminiscent of Mr. Rodger's signing to us about how he [...]
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A Friendly Town That's Almost Always by the Ocean Series: Secrets of Topsea #1 By Kir Fox & M. Shelley Coats 208 pages – ages 9+ Published by Disney Hyperion on April 17, 2018 Synopsis from Publisher- “Welcome to Topsea, the strangest place you'll ever visit. In this town, the coves are bottomless and the pier has no end in sight. There's a high tide and a low tide… and a vanishing tide. Dogs are a myth, but mermaids are totally real. And seaweed is the main ingredient in every meal-watch out, it might just start chewing you back! New kid Davy definitely thinks Topsea is strange. His mom keeps saying they'll get used to life in their new town-it's just the way things are on the coast! But after his first day at Topsea School, Davy finds himself wondering: Why is his locker all the way at the bottom of the school swimming pool? Why can't anyone remember his name? (It's Davy!) And why does everyone act like all of this is normal?! Through newspaper articles, stories, surveys, notifications, and more, follow Davy and the rest of Ms. Grimalkin's fifth grade class through the weird world of Topsea. (Whatever you do, don't make eye contact with [...]
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I have made it completely clear in my years of blogging that I am a complete Rick Riordan fan. He is one of the authors I follow and will be first in line to get a book of his when it comes out. I never get tired of reading what he creates. That being said, I am very excited that Disney-Hyperion is partnering with me for a spectacular giveaway! Check out this prize pack! I am seriously jealous! I would enter my own giveaway, but that wouldn't be quite ethical. The lucky winner will get: Summer of Magic & Mazes! One (1) winner receives a “Summer of Magic & Mazes” beach tote plus seven Rick Riordan books! The Trials of Apollo series — with an autographed copy of The Burning Maze! The Kane Chronicles trilogy – plus new companion book Brooklyn House Magician's Manual! Giveaway open to US addresses only. Prizing and samples provided by Disney-Hyperion. Can you believe it?!? SEVEN books and one of them autographed!!!! The Trials of Apollo: This series follows the god Apollo who was tossed out of Olympus by Zeus as a punishment. What makes matter worse is Apollo takes the form of an acne-riddles 16 year old mortal named Lester Papadopoulos! Apollo [...]
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On this MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU DAY – I have a great series to tell you about and a terrific giveaway! Details at the end of the post. Summary from Publisher: The Force is strong with this line of workbooks that marries the iconic popularity of Star Wars with the unique mix of editorial quality, fun presentation, and rigorous educational standards of the Brain Quest Workbooks. Covering Pre-K through 4th grade, these interactive workbooks dig deep into core subjects, including numbers, ABCs, phonics, and reading readiness for younger grades, and math, reading, and writing for the older ones. The material aligns with national Common Core State Standards and is designed to reinforce essential concepts and lessons taught in schools. Featuring favorite characters like Rey and Finn from The Force Awakens as well as Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other creatures, monsters, Jedi, and Sith, the workbooks are filled with thousands of original illustrations drawing from Star Wars movies and the expanded Star Wars universe. What I Thought: I was sent the 3rd and 4th grade reading and math workbooks for review. The series actually spans preK-4th grade. (check out Workman's website for the complete listing). I would have loved these workbooks [...]
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News arrived! All samples were good, meaning it is again time for surgery: this Wednesday, All-Saints' Day, at 6:30 AM (ugh! I'm not a morning person). After removing the cement block and cleaning out the area, a sample (not exactly sure of what) goes off to a lab. Hopefully a very fast lab. If–when–it returns … [...]
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