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The Ball Book: Footballs, Meatballs, Eyeballs, & More Balls! Written by Joshua David Stein Illustrated by Marcus Oakley Phaidon Press 9/18/2019 978-1-83866-012-3 48 pages Ages 3—5 DEBUT ILLUSTRATOR Genre: Children's Picture Book, NonFiction Themes: Sports, Word Play, Humor Synopsis: Baseballs, eyeballs, beach balls, meatballs,. Pinballs, pool balls, bouncy balls, and snowballs, With his signature whimsy, … [...]
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Recess in the Dark Written by Kalli Dakos Illustrated by Erin Mercer DC Canada Publishing 0/00/2019 978-1-77205-349-4 46 pages Ages 4—7 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Poetry Themes: Canada, Play Synopsis: Can't-Wait-to-Read-Book I have three, I-can't-wait-to-read-chapters, in my I-can't-wait-to-read-book, and I'm heading out for recess . . . with a flashlight. First I … [...]
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