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THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE PHOTO Frances Perkins & Her Deal for America Written by Kathleen Krull Illustrated by Alexandra Bye Atheneum BYR 2/4/2020 978-1-4814-9151-8 48 Pages Age 4—8 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Nonfiction Themes: Biography, Great Depression, New Deal Synopsis Most people know about President FDR, but do you know about the … [...]
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THE HAIRYTALE ADVENTURES: ALEXIA & MELVIN Book 1: The Birthday Bear 978-1-947854-88-8 — 108 Pages Book 2: The Museum Guide 978-1-947854-93-2 — 112 Pages Book 3: The Zookeeper 9978-1647030087 — 118 Pages Written by Tevin Hansen Handersen Publishing 2/03/2020 Chapter Books Age 7—10 Genre: Chapter Books, Fiction Themes: Brown Bears, Impostors, Bullies #1 The Birthday Bear … [...]
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WINTER IN WARTIME Written by Jan Terlouw Translated from Dutch by Laura Watkinson New York Review Children's Collection 2/4/2020 978-1-68137-426-0 220 Pages Age 10—14 Genre: Middle Grade Book, Historical Fiction Themes: WWII, Heroism, The Netherlands, Resistance Synopsis It's the winter of 1944-45, and the Netherlands, Michiel's home, has been at war since … [...]
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SWEET TAMELES FOR PURIM Written by Barbara Bietz Illustrated by John Kanzler August House LittleFolk 2/11/2020 978-1-94730-61-0 32 Pages Age 4—7 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Historically-Based Fiction Themes: Purim, Cultural Traditions, Wild West Synopsis Many Jewish families helped settle diverse communities in the desolate, desert terrain of the Wild West. Although Sweet Tamales … [...]
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THE MOUNTAIN AND THE GOAT Written by Siamak Taghaddos Illustrated by Zachary Cain Poetti Books 4/1/2020 978-1-7342464-0-7 38 Pages Age 4—8 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Fiction Themes: Fables, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making Synopsis “Growing up, my father taught me an old Persian poem that has a profound impact on my liufe. It taught me … [...]
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The Simple Art of Flying By Cory Leonardo 384 pages – ages 9+ Published by Aladdin on February 12, 2019 Synopsis- Alastair knew he would always have his sister Aggie. No matter what happened in their African grey parrot-lives, he knew they would always be together. Until the day a medically-fascinated boy adopts Aggie…and a lonely socialite adopts Alastair. Everything changes and there absolutely can't be anything good to come out of it. Not a chance. Finding solace in poetry, Alastair spends his time scheming ways to reunite with Aggie and fly off to parrot paradise. Never mind flying is a little tricky when you start pulling feathers out. A bird can't even get off the ground, let alone to his sister's new home. There is one thing that Alastair refuses to consider: maybe, just maybe, they may have already found their own kind of parrot paradise. What I Thought- This was one of those bittersweet books to read. The story is both sad and happy, reflecting the tendencies of life – nothing is permanent, but we can always make the best of what we do have. One of the things that I did love about the story was that when the parrots get adopted, [...]
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