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DAVID'S ADHD Written by Sherrill S. Cannon Illustrated by Kalpart Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 978-1-950860-43-2 12/4/2019 28 Pages Age 4—8 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Fiction Themes: ADHD, Symptoms, Acceptance, Synopsis Meet David, one of award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon's “Classroom of Kids,” who manages his ADHD with the help of classmates. … [...]
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THE BOOGEYMAN A Monstrous Fairytale Written by Shane Berryhill Otherside Press 3/00/2020 978-1-950565-32-0 255 Pages Age 8—12 Genre: Middle Grade Fiction, Fantasy Themes: Perceptions, Acceptance, Monster Worlds Synopsis Everything you think you know about the Boogeyman is wrong! This is what a thirteen-year-old boy nicknamed “Puck” learns when he follows the Boogeyman through … [...]
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Hello Everyone, I apologize. The past few weeks I was dealing with my health and KLR took a back seat. Those who are expecting a review WILL receive a review. The problem was NOT Coronavirous! (A momentary scare.) A full-on raging UTI (Urinary Track Infection), containing–of all things–e-coli, caused severe dehydration and confusion. Oddly (to … [...]
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ABC DANCING! An Animal Alphabet Written by Sabrina Moyle Illustrated by Eunice Moyle Workman Publishing 3/31/2020 978-1-5235-0746-7 22 Pages Age 0—4 Genre: Children's Picture Book, Fiction Themes: ABC's, Animals, Dancing Synopsis SHAKE YOUR BOOTS WITH NEWTS, LAMBADA WITH LLAMAS, AND SLIDE WITH SLOTHS AS YOU DANCE THROUGH THE ALPHABET FROM AARDVARK TO … [...]
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BLUE SKIES Written by Anne Bustard Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 978-1-5344-4606-9 218 Pages Age 8—12 3/17/2020 Genre: Middle Grade Novel, Historical Fiction Themes: Miracles, Changes, Merci Train Synopsis GLORY BEA BENNETT knows that miracles happen in Gladiola, Texas, population 3,421. After all, her grandmother—the best matchmaker in the … [...]
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