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Motor Girls: How Women Took the Wheel and Drove Boldly Into the Twentieth Century Written by Sue Macy, Foreword by Danica Patrick 96 pages – ages 9+ Published by National Geographic Children's Books on February 7, 2017 Synopsis from Publisher- Come along for a joy ride in this enthralling tribute to the daring women – Motor Girls, as they were called at the turn of the century – who got behind the wheel of the first cars and paved the way for change. The automobile has always symbolized freedom, and in this book we meet the first generation of female motorists who drove cars for fun, profit, and to make a statement about the evolving role of women. From the advent of the auto in the 1890s to the 1920s when the breaking down of barriers for women was in full swing, readers will be delighted to see historical photos, art, and artifacts and to discover the many ways these progressive females influenced fashion, the economy, politics, and the world around them. What I Thought- This was a fun nonfiction story about how the motor car evolved, and how women have played a part in its history. It was neat to see how women got [...]
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Bulldozer Helps Out Series: The Bulldozer Books Written by Candace Fleming Illustrations by Eric Rohmann Atheneum Books for Young Readers 5/16/2017 978-1-4814-5894-8 40 pages Ages 4—7 . “A very little bulldozer learns that taking care of kittens is a very big job in this darling follow-up to Bulldozer's Big Day from award-winning author Candace … [...]
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Happy Dreamer Written and Illustrations by Peter Reynolds Orchard Books 3/28/2017 978-0-545-86501-2 32 pages Ages 4—8 . “Be your own dreamer maximus! “The beloved creator of The Dot and Ish, Peter H. Reynolds, invites readers on an unforgettable journey of inspiration reminding us all to follow our dreams and pursue our own unique path … [...]
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Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because it is a nice story about sharing! Mine!By Jeff Mack 40 pages – ages 3+Will be Published by Chronicle Books on May 9, 2017 Theme/Topic- SharingGenre- Fiction Opening and Synopsis- Opening: “Mine!” Synopsis from Publisher: “Start with one rock. Add two mice. The end result? A never-ending battle! Or is it? Using only one word, along with many brightly colored and lively illustrations, Jeff Mack brings his hallmark humor to this rollicking book that will have readers of every age reconsidering whether “Mine!” is the best answer.” What I Thought- This was a fun book that had a theme on sharing. Mack has a way of using very few words to tell a story – in “Mine!”, he only uses the title word with varying repetition and punctuation to create the story. His illustrations are also very light-hearted, and read like a comic. Mack has a way of writing a wacky story that kids will enjoy reading. Activities and Resources- There is a nice list of activities to teach sharing at HERE! [...]
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Welcome to another Perfect Picture Book Friday! Whobert Whover, Owl Detective written by Jason Gallaher illustrated by Jess Pauwels Margaret K. McElderry Books Simon & Schuster 7/18/2017 978-1-4814-6271-6 40 pages Ages 4—6 . Themes: mystery, observations, detectives, humor Genre: Children's Fiction Picture Book Synopsis: “Help Whobert Whover, Owl Detective, keep his woods safe in … [...]
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Today I'd like to introduce you to a world-renown detective of the brightest class. He knows how to catch the most sneaky of villains and never ever lets a clue lay below his nose without notice. I am talking about the famous, top-of-the-tree detective, Whobert Whover, Owl Detective and his debut picture book. Welcome, Whobert. This … [...]
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