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Multi-Subject Collections

  • Fact Monster – Encyclopedia, almanac, atlas and dictionary all in one.
  • BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper – Hundreds of top-notch websites for students and life-long learners.
  • Discovery Education – Homework help resources, plus interactive games, videos, virtual labs and activities.
  • eThemes – Discover websites on wide range of topics using keywords to search or browse the list A-Z or by grade level.
  • Library of Congress – Historical records and digitized books, photos, maps, manuscripts, film, and sound recordings.
  • Diigo – Jumpstart researching any topic by using websites recommended by Colorado librarians. Type in a tag word like inventors or colonies and hit Enter. Some tags are two words and need to be typed inside quotes like “current events” or “civil war.” Start a new search by clicking CoLibraries (top left) to clear the field and enter a different tag.

Animals & Environment

  • National Geographic Kids – The world of animals explained and presented in videos, games, and activities.
  • San Diego Zoo – Discover animals by name, region, or habitat (mouse over animals menu tab to choose.)
  • Environment – Website recommendations from the EPA on air, climate change, ecosystems, energy, recycling, water.
  • Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Animals native to Colorado including threatened and endangered species.
  • Web Weather for Kids – Learn what makes weather wet and wild.


  • Biography.com – Over 7,000 biographies of people past and present.
  • Nobel Prize – Biographies of Nobel Prize recipients and laureates.
  • Gallery of Achievers – Read about individuals who have shaped the 20th century by their accomplishments.
  • White House – Biographies of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies plus history of the White House.
  • More! – Websites featuring profiles of historical figures and distinguished women.


Current Events


  • Kids.gov – Connect to over 2,000 web pages from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations.
  • Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government – How government works and laws are made, electoral process, and national symbols.
  • iCivics – Explore the fundamental concepts and responsibilities of representative democracy through games.
  • Our Government – Learn how America’s federal, state and local governments work to enact the will of the people.


  • Webmath – Step-by-step answers to hundreds of math questions and the option to type in your own problem.
  • AAA Math – Learn, practice, and explore every topic of K-8 math. (En Espanol)
  • Khan Academy K-8 Math Videos – From counting to calculus and everything in between.
  • Pikes Peak Library – Homework help featuring websites and math help.
  • More! – Links to librarian recommended math websites for students, teachers, and tutors.


Primary Sources

Research & Writing

  • How to Do Research – A diagram takes you through the process, click any step to get the details.
  • Plan-Find-Create-Present – Tips to start your research project, find sources, stay organized, and putting it all together.
  • Writing Topics – Lists of ideas to inspire essays, stories, or journal writing.
  • Writing Skills – Strengthen your writing skills with tips, examples, and best practices for effective communication.


  • Exploratorium – A museum of art, science, and human perception.
  • How Stuff Works –  Straightforward answers and explanations of how the world actually works.
  • Solar System Exploration – Planets, space missions, news and events from NASA.
  • Science Fair Buddies – Use the Wizard to find a perfect project and learn how to apply/document the scientific method.

Social Studies

  • Stately Knowledge – Basic geographical facts and information on state capitols for all 50 states.
  • Eyewitness to History – Profiles of historical characters and events told from the perspectives of those who lived it.
  • CIA World Factbook – Country data covering geography, people, government, economy, transportation, and defense.
  • Great Websites for Kids – Cultures of the world, geography, maps, current events, social issues, and religion.
  • MrDowling.com – Teacher Mike Dowling covers pre-history through through WWII.